Mindfulness in Action/Burnout to Engagement 

Burnout is the result of chronic stress. It is a syndrome of Emotional and Physical exhaustion, cynicism, and a sense of low personal accomplishment. This can lead to a decreased effectiveness at work and a loss of enthusiasm. 

Resilience is the ability of an individual to respond to stress in a healthy and adaptive way so that personal goals are achieved at minimal psychological and physical cost.

                                                   Burnout can affect anyone in any profession, and is preventable.

Stress can be exhilarating when it’s short-lived. You ride a zipline. Stressful in a way, but fun. On the other hand, chronic negative stress can lead to a laundry list of ailments … heart disease, hormone imbalances, migraine headaches, trouble sleeping, chronic pain, loss of enthusiasm, anxiety, depression … you name it. Stress will make you sick and tired … and shorten your life.

Coming soon:  The 7 steps to move you from Burnout to Engagement, is an on line course and is a great way to bring the training to your living room if you have difficulty committing to a specific time or place to attend seminars and workshops. 

The Mindfulness Foundations Course starting March 11, 2019 is much more than a mindfulness meditation course, it is an intensive mindfulness program that integrates four key areas of mindfulness: Attention, Values, Wisdom and the Open Heart. The course is designed to be practical, universal and very accessible, allowing anyone, with or without a background in mindfulness to participate. Everyone can benefit from mindfulness, regardless of their cultural, economic or spiritual background.Mindfulness Training consists of several hours of Education and Mindfulness practice, to enhance your ability to balance your thoughts and emotions, and build resilience to prevent Burnout.

This program is of 8 weeks duration, 2 h per week. Titles of the sessions include:

session 1: Our Obsessive, Compulsive and Delusional Mind. 

session 2: Attention and Intention in Mindfulness. Practice the Calm abiding meditation. 

session 3: The Role of Values in Happiness. Differentiate between Genuine happiness, and stimulus driven pleasures.

session 4: The Wisdom of seeing clearly. Practicing the grounding meditation.

session 5: Motivations and Perceptions.

session 6: Wisdom with ourselves. Practicing the three thoughts meditation.

session 7: Relationships and cultivating an open heart. Practicing the Loving Kindness meditation.

session 8: The transformation of living Mindfully.

 To register go to Store page.

Wellness Mindfulness Retreat For Professionals

Did you know that burnout affects 33-55% of workers in the United States with physicians on top of the list? 

It is creating a crisis in the healthcare industry, especially that there is little support for physicians from hospitals and big corporations.

Dr Mounzer understands the external and internal factors causing burnout, and is committed to assist physicians, healthcare providers, and stressed out professionals, build resilience, learn to deal with stress more effectively and establish a Mindfulness practice to live a meaningful life.

The Wellness Mindfulness Retreat for Professionals and executives is a two and half days of Self-Nurturing, Self-Care and Mindfulness practice, immersing yourself in the beauty of nature at a private resort, and experiencing healing treatments and a safe environment. 

Scheduled at Eupepsia, a beautiful wellness sanctuary resort, at the foothills of the Appalachian mountains, in Bland, VA. 

 May 3-5, 2019.

Workshop Objectives:

1.  Identify the internal and external factors causing burnout.

2. Become aware of the effects of stress on our body- mind-emotions, and practice Mindful Meditations to build resilience.

3. Restructure your beliefs around pain and suffering, and learn how to deal with grief and forgive yourself and others.

4. Differentiate between Genuine happiness, and stimulus driven pleasures. Create a mission statement.

5. Establish a daily Mindfulness Practice to live your life with Clarity and Wisdom and bring your values to everyday life.

6. Create a support group to promote bonding and a sense of community. To register go to Store 2 page.

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